Sauntering Resource: My Planning/Packing

During the anxious months before the trip, I read other people's travelogues and imagined what I'd need to bring. Due to a friend getting married, I delayed my trip another 6 weeks and spent some time working for an outdoors store with people who understood the thrill of adventure and the outdoors.

Below is a list of what I ended up bringing. Except for the hostel sheet and walkman, I used most things regularly. The clothing kept was able to be layered and peeled off through most climates/seasons and I may have bled to death without the first aid kit.

Packing List

A backcountry backpacker is much different than an urban backpacker. Below is my check list of things I planned on bringing.

Additional disposable underwear, t-shirts, toothbrush, soap, etc will be mailed to me 3 months into the trip to a friend's house to recharge.

countries list