Sauntering Resource: Europe on $0 a Day

Firstly, this page is for those looking to prolong their travel experience, but are on limited funds or want a fun way to meet some friendly locals. Secondly, this place is for entertainment. I find it interesting how people accomplish good living with minimal resources. I've heard of a guy living on $5 a year on a remote tropical island. The money was basically for paper and stamps to send some mail home to his mom.

The first thing you have to realize is that traveling this way is going to take time. The next is that where and when you'll be in a place is not something that can be set in stone. The final step of the process is to give a system a try. You'll also find that you'll find yourself wanting to help other people as you travel low to the ground.

I personally travel above some budget standards; however, by keeping a few of these tips on hand, I feel I have options and make use of them so I can splurge later or get a new experience!



There are other networks, but many have membership fees or you must belong to a club or organization. The general rule to using these networks is that you can offer a place for someone else to stay from time to time.


I haven't found an on-line resource on this, but I've run across people eating for free too. Here's how:


You don't have to buy a guide book some times. Or you may not want to lug a big one around. Take a print out instead.


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