crossing the border:
from Spain through the Moroccan border

Aleciras, Spain - Didn´t look too exciting. Might have a nice beach though.

Straight of Gibraltar - Not too much here either. I took the ferry boat across (about 2 hours). We got hustled by a Moroccan to buy the ticket from his friend at the travel agent rather than at the gate. It wasn´t really a hustle, because the price was the same at the gate, but he told us the gate only sold tickets if you had a car and that the boat was going to leave in 10 minutes so we should follow him fast to get the tix. Neither were true.

Ceuta, Spanish North Africa - Doesn´t look there´s much here and the tourist office didn´t seem very happy that we were only interested in the best route to crossing the boarder into Morocco.

Moroccan boarder - I´ve always wanted to do cross a foreign boarder by foot every since my family went to Canada and we smuggled in a freshly caught fish. I´m not sure why, but anyway, the only way to leave Ceuta into Morocco is by foot and it felt cool for some reason that I can not explain or find reason for.

We met a couple from Argentina who would join us for most of the travels in Morocco and decided to share a grand taxi.

The hustlers know fresh meat comes in at the boarder. After being led to a taxi (there were about 100 waiting there) by a "guide" who persistently wanted about 10 Durhams from each of us for his service. We paid figuring we´d be on our way. The price for the taxi was for 6 people. There´s no way we could fit 6 people with baggage in this car I thought. We paid a bit more, so it was just 4 passengers and the driver.

Soon after some guy whips open my door and tries to get my out of the taxi into his and starts fighting with our driver. A bunch of other guys start banging on the trunk latch where our bags our. Juan (one of the Argentinians) kept an eye on the bags, I moved the guy out of my door, closed it and locked the other doors, Juan jumped back into the taxi and Julia (the other Argentinian) tugged the driver back into the car. Paco and Juan pat his back, "ˇVamous! ˇVamous!"

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