Wroclaw, Poland

August 10-12, 2000

Wroclaw is Poznan on a grander scale. It is here that I would stay with a friend's Olympic power-lifting brother and family. Witnessing a modern Polish flat while experiencing fine Polish food (and were not just talking perogies here) first had was a real treat.

A best friend, Dan M., and his wife Anita (she's the Polish one) and Katie are here. We wander the historic streets of Anita's childhood - a typical trait of a Polish city is also true here. It was bombed nearly to dust in the war and restoration/reconstruction began in the 1950's to bring it back to the state that it is today, a feast for the eyes for most, but for me, more happily the stomach. Actually the best part of Wroclaw was simply being with friends and meeting some friendly locals.

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