Voss, Norway

August 19-20, 2001

This fjord leg ends at Gudvangen and we caught the bus to Voss. The schedule of trains, ferryboats and buses are all scheduled for a smooth ride all the way from Oslo to Voss.

Most people continue on to Bergen, but since we live in a city, we'll spend the night in a lakeside hotel out here. Since all but the church was destroyed in WWII, there's not much here except the convenient access to nature activities for the people from Bergen. There's see plane rides, water skiing, paragliding, hiking and horseback riding.

I'm noticing how the light is not cooperating with my camera in Norway. Long days yes, but the golden horizontal light and sunsets are eclipsed by mountains and doesn't burn off the haze that fogs the distant scenes. Perhaps it's earlier in the Summer when the postcards and fjord posters are made.

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