Volubilis (Oualili), Morocco (Maroc)

March 18, 2000

A day trip from Meknčs, Volubilis is a city of Roman ruins dating back to the years 200 and 300. The mosaic floors are still intact and it puts Italica in Spain (except for the amphitheature) to shame. You can find traces of the entire city all the way up a hill. For me, this was the highlight of the Meknčs area.

Imagining the lives the people lived nearly two thousand years ago, there are some things that are pretty much the same. If the Romans had the technology of today, theīd put it to use just as we do; however, all the other elements and structure of a modern day society were there. Itīs an interesting thought what we would be doing and thinking about if we were living in that era. The same goes if we think what it might be like another 1800 years in the future, 3800ad. Would the genuine characters within shine through the same or how would we express ourselves differently.

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