Visegrád, Hungary (Magyaroszŕg)

June 17, 2001

Some scattered ruins, tower and citadel are the attractions of this stop on the Danube bend, but there's few tourists on this rainy afternoon about to brighten up. Unfortunately I missed getting into the citadel, but did find the valuable local experience for Hungary. There are barking dogs, ivy covered houses and the church is carpeted inside and out with arranged rose petals! The perfume smell swirls down the bend where I find a bus with a sleeping driver. It's going to go in the right direction, so when the driver gets up, stretches his toes and puts his shoes back on I'm eagerly waiting at the door. He lets me in, but is in a friendly sleepy daze. I think he wants to practice speaking English with me, which is fine with me. "I'm 42. I have 2 sons. 1 10, 1 12." I think bus drivers use a lot of numbers when giving change to foreigners.

Before the first stop with passengers, he asks me to miss my train back to the city and he gave me a free bus ride all the way back to Budapest. I try to say 'köszönöm.'

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