Verona, Italy

September 1-2, 2000

Googly eyed star crossed lovers walk the streets and broadcast, “Where for arte thou Romeo?” from the famed balcony of Juliet. Yes, this is the city where Shakespeare was inspired by the arguing power families, city landscapes and town squares. The famous Romance of Romeo and Juliet was modelled in Verona.

Aside from two lovers, the city is more known for its Roman arena (it looks like a smaller coliseum) that is used today for open-air operas today. I debated getting tickets, but figured this would be something to do with a friend in London.

Like most of Italy’s famous cities, there are tourists galore in the summer. I scrambled past the ancient garden to the hilltop and gazed down upon my days exploring route and descended along the Roman wall. There were some little storage areas in the walls… no wait… rooms… passages! Rooms were connected with carved walking passages, spiral staircases and large open areas had vaulted ceilings, one with even an oven. Today these places appear to be in backyards of private homes and hostels where they are used as lowly sheds. I wonder what they were during Rome’s peak? Is this where Romeo & Juliet played hide and seek?

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