Utrecht, The Netherlands (Nederland)

February 19-20, 2001

There's not much I can say about Utrecht... it offered little and I've taken home little memories; however, after Amsterdam, I imagine most places would feel a bit deflating.

I stayed in a B&B type hostel that seemed akward at every turn. The (non-Dutch - Middle Eastern?) owner's family were constantly preparing their food in the small common area. The other guests provided little in conversation too, so I'm trying to get a refreshing early night's sleep.

The next day I walk around town and can see how the old area could be pleasant on a bright Spring Day, but not this season. The church, Dom tower and university building were mildly interesting.

Utrecht has served the purpose of showing that all Dutch cities aren't filled with the energy and intensity of the capital. I'm craving something less urban too... where's the next train going to?

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