Uppsala, Sweden

September 6-7, 2001

This is the most lively Swedish town I have yet to discover. University students are whizzing around on bicycles near the cathedral and castle thing. The most interesting path is the way to the church on foot. From within a main canal street, go up a hill, through an arch and into an open area with the church to your left. It's not so fascinating from the outside, but within I was surprised the interior painted as gothic churches originally were. This is the best example I have seen in this in all of Europe! Most of the other churches have faded so much or been even scrubbed to remove the art that had become unfashionable at one time.

I walked 6km South the manor was both a classy hotel and a hostel at the same time. I ended up in a single room since the place was full and a couple wanted to stay in my two-bed-shared room. There's plenty of day hikes around here so I walked around a bit.

The second day was out to the ancient burial mounds. The Swedes put this place up there with the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge in England. I can tell you that's being generous beyond sanity; however, it was a fine walk around the mounds, (old, but not as old) farm and church and back to town.

I had Swedish meatballs before catching the train-bus to the next town. Yum!

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