Stonehenge, England

November 19, 2000

Europe's most famous ancient monument, Stonehenge, remains one of the world's greatest mysteries. Explanations from a religious structure, the work of giants, to an alien landing-pad try to answer the questions everyone comes here with. What is it? Why did they make it this way?

Today it's cold and drizzly, only adding to the barren effect of the giant balanced stones in the middle of nowhere. This is one of the unreal realities on earth.

Telling perfect time through the months and showing the summer and winter solaces to the day. An enormous effort went into this project as the rocks have been specially chosen, some coming all the way from Wales. Reason again unknown, but the central stones are made of bluestone which is warmer to the touch than the more local outside stones. Perhaps these stone/iron-agers were sun worshipers and boogied all day when the light was just right. Today there is a path to stay on so not to get too close; however, I've heard that the hippies and druids of today were allowed to get more intimate with the stones on the solace of this year.

English Heritage, who works on the restoration and display of a good percentage of the monuments in the country, now keeps visitors from getting to close. Their future plans for Stonehenge? Divert the highway that's in the background view so the complete panorama looks much like it did millenniums ago.

And the panorama is important. Bus sized mounds are scattered within a three mile radius of Stonehenge that have been found to be burial mounds with a person under each. Paths weave the hills for days with better weather.

The is amazing ingenuity and the physical construction here leave our modern civilization in awe and filled with curiosity as visitors leave asking the same questions as when they walked up to it.

This is also the new improved Stonehenge made from stone with bone and antler tools. Excavations show it was made of wood before. Nor is this the only prehistoric ceremonial structure in England, there are others much larger, but less famous. These I will seek out on another day.

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