Sopron, Hungary (Magyarosząg)

June 20, 2001

Known as the loyal town, this part of Hungary had a choice of becoming a part of Austria, but voted to stay Hungary. The scene is dominated by the fire tower on the outside of the medieval wall that still surrounds the core of town.

This place is a worthy stop, yet a day or a half-day is good enough to cover it. It has great buildings, but it lacks something. I think it's the lack of local bustle and natural landscape that give a deeper feeling to special places.

When I walked into town, through a back door side street, I saw a chef standing in the back door looking out. Five hours later, he was still there. I waved and asked if I could take a picture. He didn't mind and I'm looking forward to getting the film developed soon.

PS: At the airport in Austria, they x-rayed my small bag three times at high levels. I hope it did hurt the film, because I put some extra effort into taking some people pictures this trip. They thought my small shaving cream can was pepper spray, illegal to take on the plane.

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