Schilthorn (mountain), Switzerland

March 17, 2002

I think I can see lakes and cities over the next mountains and the directions appear to have snow covered mountains to infinity! The weather is calm and I'm on the helicopter pad where James Bond went skiing and bobsledding off in the movies. My new friends from Gimmelwald are up here too and Keiko's got the most amazing eye site! She can pick out spots the size of pepper on the closest mountain… they are actually people! I can see them only when they slalom fast down, but this has got to be extreme skiing. Groups go out only with radios and avalanche beacons and I watched one go and disappear down the slope and over a ridge.

The scale is something I don't you can get a perspective on. The pepper spec skiers sometimes looked like they were speeding uphill in the illusion of being disorientated with magnitude. It's vast, beautiful and exotic. With the style of Swiss efficiency though, you take in the whole experience in just two hours of gazing at the intense slopes of year round snow. And with that, there's nothing more to say about this place. I suppose any 2970 meter mountain top view would be the same on a clear day.

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