Ribe, Denmark

April 28-29, 2001

The entire mediaeval town center of Ribe is complete and preserved with its cobble stone streets and old timbered houses. In fact, I think the whole of it is listed as a World Heritage Site.

While some structures date back over one thousand years, we stayed in a 400 year old tavern. I kept bumping my head against the low doorways and beams in the very uneven second floor where our room was.

It was cold outside, so we made just two quick walks through the old town. I think we saw all of it. Again, the streets were nearly completely empty, but this small place certainly has the highest charm score of the towns in Denmark I’ve seen this week.

There’s not many places to buy things. We picked up a bunch of chocolates at the cigarrate store for friends at home. Ritsuko had a great time together and tomorrow we’re back to London to start life in the new flat!

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