Prague, Czech Republic

August 14-17, 2000

"When does the park close??!" you may ask yourself as you wind down cobble stone streets under poetic archways. This city is a real life mediaeval Disneyland. Like most of the Czech Republic, it wasn't a target in WWII and slipped peacefully in and out of communism leaving the cityscapes looking the same as when Mozart was here, who's concerts are still performed in the same halls. Except for the television station antenna, the skyline is also "low" and not surrounded by the new parts of the city. For this reason, Prague is used in films not only to play the part of Prague, but also Vienna and other Renaissance European cities.

A full moon rising through the trees over the city lights blooming into a garden of street lamps, spires and a glorious cathedral is the view from within the monestary walls just beyond the vines of young grapes, perhaps ancestors of those harvested by the monks who dwelt here an age before. Kicking back in the flickering candle light of the adjacent table, where brandy glasses spin and chime - an added interlude to the half-hourly gong, the temperature moves from hot to a comfortable cool.

During the day, the ever present, though not always welcome warm sun, wears me out. Perhaps this is why it's such a pleasure to what it's golden reflection in the river. The golden setting sun is multiplied by reflecting off the cream historic buildings across the river and back onto the water. Ducks and swans coast through the scene, occasionally breaking the yellow mirror with landing feet. This is the early evening on Strelecky Ostrov, a small island accessibly by the bridge that levitates passers by to see the other picturesque mosts (bridges) up & down stream.

Prague is know to be a magical city and it doesn't fall short of it's reputation. It's one of the few places I could recommend to just about everyone.

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