Potsdam, Germany

June 21, 2000

This place has gone mad with palaces! I think there are a dozen scattered through out the park, most with in walking distance. It's a strange feeling, because it feels like out in the middle of know-where, spiral staircases tower out of the hot ground in the middle of know where and on the other side of the building is a garden.

This place was the vacation place for the kings and queens and everyone wanted their time in royalty to be remembered differently.

A fine example of the rococo style is here in the Neues Palace (the new palace); however, it also exists in the others.

I probably would have enjoyed exploring the park a bit more if I wasn't in the middle of a heat wave. It was good though, then Francesca (one of the Italians from Berlin) and I caught up with the rest of her friends for a river tour through Berlin (although I didn't understand a word... all German.

For less than half a second I think it would be wonderful to have a palace somewhere, but then reality sets in... I don't think I can afford the time to clean this place... there's so many places to still see, I'll spend my time keeping my pack light.

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