Oslo, Norway

August 22, 2001

Even though I've walked through the center and miles off the city map to get to Vigeland Park, it's amazing how manageable the cities feel here. There's never that initial overwhelming big city feeling in the countries largest cities, but then again, maybe they are not that large to start with.

The walk to the park was well worth it, and the highlight of Oslo for me. It's full of statues by Gustav Vigeland representing all the stages of life. The ones on childhood and romance were of particular fascination to me and the monolith of bodies that most people treasure less intriguing.

Back to the center, I popped into a museum on Norway from ice age to present. When people first came here, it had the climate of France. As for the landscape, I can accept that receding glaciers carved the mountains and fjords (although it's amazing seeing their depths), but find it hard to believe that once the ice on top of Norway melted off that the land rose up from the sea, not being pushed down by the weight of all the ice. Possible I guess and what the geologists believe.

Then another museum to continue my Norwegian art education where Bergen left off with more of Edvard Munch and this time, his famous "The Scream" (aka The Cry). His works have something in common with that of other artists from here. Something about the sinking sun and disassociation from life. Perhaps this holds something about the heavy Winters here or long days at sea.

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