Örebro, Sweden

September 7-8, 2001

There's a castle plunked in the middle of the city, an old village museum and little else here.

The hostel kitchen's rather quiet, but there's a good bit of grunting and loud eating from the two in here with a well prepared meal. Then I realize these two girls are deaf. I'm not the only one who can't speak Swedish! I get used to their strange noises and gestures and listen to their tones. One is full of anger, the other one full of sympathy. The angry one moves onto sorrow for a moment, then both change to that of excitement (and hick-ups)! At one point they are friendly peeking at me and giggling... I get all self conscious... is my just add-water noodle/tea dinner that comical? I'm soon forgotten.

I am sharing a room with an older German guy. He's temporarily working here saying that it's not overwhelmingly large like Göteborg or Stockholm and much more laid back than Germany or America. He's been here 5 of his 8 weeks and really enjoys it. I'm glad to have a ticket on the morning train out of here.

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