Odense, Denmark

April 24-26, 2001

Odense, Denmark's third largest city (not that big at all) and the childhood home of famed fairytale author Hans Christian Anderson - the signs and tourist office won't let you forget it. But Hans wanted to... when he was old enough he split out of town.

I have now realized that having the streets all to your self isn't always a good thing. On arrival, the Odense streets are as empty as Antarctica in winter. And I'm in the mood to people watch.

My roommate for a night in the Danhostel (nice name) I'm staying at here explained there's recently been gangs of Turkish teenagers troubling Denmark?s largest cities keeping more people at home tonight. The conversation continues I've got a listening ear and he's got woman problems.

The next day, Odense woke up and lit up with faces on the promenade. It's a fine day for a stroll and some historical museums. The Montergarden city museum was most enjoyable with artefacts from the 15th century onwards and a few 16th-17th century houses to explore.

It starts to rain at 3, the museums close at 4, the shops and businesses by 5. There's a mass exodus and Odense is lifeless again.

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