Narvik, Norway

September 3-4, 2001

It's been another scenic train to get here from the Swedish border. In an expanse of fjords and within a glacier in view lies Narvik. Though rather plain, it has an exciting pulse. It's an Arctic Circle city, so how the people survive through the seasons is of curiosity and most of the travellers have interesting destinations, like Sweden, the Lofoten Islands or Nordcap.

I shared a room with a Swiss teacher who was taking a year or two off for some serious cycling. He had bicycled from Germany, through the Baltic States and Finland to get here. Another was an Irish guy who hitch hiked here from Ireland, through Scotland, and the Faroe Islands (all sea crossings by ferry). And the other who I was friendly with was a Swiss mountain climber I shared an apartment with in Gällivere who walked most of his was through the trails of the Swedish countryside. I suppose I was easily accepted into the group because of my long-term travel.

I wanted to go to the Lofoten Islands, but the more I read and heard about it, I realized it would require more time than I was prepared to spend. This is time for Sweden now and over rushing would go against my style. I will look into returning to Norway when whale meat is no longer hanging in the markets or on restaurant menus. (I didn't have it, but one of the Swiss guys did. Said it tastes not so great, but sort of like beef while smelling like fish)

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