Lille, France

July 28, 2001

Using the fast Chunnel train again, Lille can be done as a day trip from London. On this Sunday the place was deserted during the day. We found an open bakery and they told us that just about everyone in the whole city had evacuated for vacation until September!

It still surprises me how much a buzzing living city draws me. The closest we got to seeing other people during the day was hearing some silverware clanging for a meal on a side street and a radio playing from an open window on another.

There's a decent amount of historic buildings around. Looking at the cornerstones, it seems like 1649 and 1849 were construction booms. There's also a citadel still in use by the military next to a park and zoo.

I can't say this was a travel adventure by any means, but if I consider it a day out for a good dinner, it's a success. If the people weren't around to be distinctly French, at least the cuisine and restaurant staff were. The onion soup was superb.


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