Klodzko, Poland

August 12-14, 2000

A smaller Polish town, Klodzko has it's charms, but the Katie's book on Poland inflated it to more than it really is. We walked around town, out into the country farms for not-so special views of low hills, fields and scattered factories.

On our way back, we came across the citadel's wall - a barricade in our path for a mile. We finally found a place where we could scale the wall only to find another higher wall. Eventually, we came back down, found the street and came to the part open to the public. Nothing remains of the old citadel but the walls and extensive underground tunnels that now display old horse drawn fire engines and local glass works. The old town was fun to explore for a day, but not very lively at night.

Klodzko might have left a better impression if I stumbled upon it myself, but having a guidebook hyping it as a special place left a feeling of mild disappointment.

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