Italica/Santiponce, Spain

March 7, 2000

Today I took the bus ride to Santiponce. Twice... I took a nap through my stop so traversed the whole route back and then, more alert, got off in Santiponce to explore Italica.

The sands of time have filled the rooms of all the buildings in Italica, reminding us it is important to sweep the floors every few decades; however, the part on the hilltop has not been built over (the large part that has is now the town of Santiponce).

Imagine dusty toes in sandle clad feet from another era walking to the ampitheater. Two of the three levels remain of what was the largest place in the roman empire (25,000 seats) to view the gladiators and wild animals have fun playing games together.

Iīve got some photographs in both color and black and white of this place to share with you someday.

Itīs dry in this area of Spain which makes it comfortable and freshly washed clothes dry quickly, but today the heat has just barely got me breaking a sweat, so I take another short siesta in Seville.

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