Dundee, Scotland

May 28, 2000

Know for jute mining, journalism and something else that started with a 'j' but not juggling, Dundee Scotland is where my mother, a lesser known heroine in my book, was born and raised. There's no monument here for her, but the house she grew up in still stands, the church her great grandparents attended is still open and a bunch of relatives still live in the area.

I can't imagine always being like this though. The main street is now like an upscale shopping mall with the main street closed off and a bunch of shops like the Body Shop (a store I don't mind publishing the name since they are fairly socio-environmentally conscious). There was a time when Dundee was a key whaling port and fishing area. The fisherman's cottages still exist and so do the fish and chips shops, but industry has leaned towards hi-tech manufacturing.

I'm still trying to remember what that other 'j' fame of Dundee was. Jukeboxes?

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