Drammen, Norway

August 18, 2001

With our flight to Norway coming and me in bed with 102f fever we swerved away from camping plans. Besides, Ritsuko would only be able to share the tent with me for 2 nights. So we'll go B&B style. Getting up to silence my alarm clock to catch the plane gave me slosh of nausea to remind me I had made the right choice.

We arrived in Torp and took the bus out to Drammen before beginning our journey west. It was the place that looked most like my home area in New Jersey, USA than other any other place I've seen outside of America. It's the small hills covered with trees. Ritsuko said it reminded her of her hometown in Fukui, Japan.

We are already surprised at the cost of food in this country, making London prices look like a bargain.

We boarded the bus (the train had been replaced by a bus for the first hour for track work) and were on our way for a Norway less like hometowns.

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