Dinant, Belgium

June 8, 2000

A classical winding train ride South from Namur takes me to Dinant with a cathedral stealing the attention from the citadel which divides the steep hill and the sky. The church is definitely worth a wander in while getting oriented. In fact, churches are great visits. They're generally free or cheap to explore and give a living glimpse of the past and they certainly don't make them like they used to. For the religious, there may be more significance.

Somehow other people managed to get to the top of the hill without climbing the steep stairs up the slope (the lift wasn't working). On the tour I learned of how this point had been captured back and forth between the Dutch, German and French before Belgium was created. On that note, I've been told that Belgium was created solely as a buffer zone between these countries during war.

There's not that much to do in the town except for look at the buildings and walk around the river. Bouvignes is the closest town on the bank, an easy walk that I set off for in the early afternoon.

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