Colwyn Bay, Wales

January 11-13, 2001

I came into Wales in a round about way. I caught the bus to Cardiff in the South knowing that I was closer to my Northern destination. To my surprise, I found the middle of Wales is an open area with a great national park, but limited or non-existent transportation this time of year. I ended up spending the whole next day going back to England so I could re-enter on the upper boarder of Wales.

While gazing out the window I'd sometimes mutter, "BE MORE WELSCH!" Southern Wales has been very Englified in language and culture. Seeing this I hope that a unified Europe doesn't clear cut the continent of its distinct personalities.

My destination was that of a traveler who had been well hosted during his days on the road and was looking to return the favor to humanity. And so he did. We spent the night bowling and talking philosophy until the late hours in one of his family's homes over looking the Irish Sea.

Colwyn Bay and its more famous neighbor, Llangollen, are coastal holiday spots. Its nearly dead now and I'm told not as busy as it was in it's hey-day whose style still lingers in the salted air. The Victorian architecture is still in the prime from the days of long beach gowns, top hats and colorless umbrellas.

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