Castleton, England

April 28 - May 2, 2000

Hopping from Portsmith, to London, then into Peak District of England, I landed at my destination Castleton, where I ended up spending four nights at the same place (the longest since Los Molinos). Surprisingly, the tranquil beauty of the hills here are not disturbed by the 250,000 hikers that come through each year and it's not a problem to find a soft place, sharing the hills only with a few sheep, which was what much of my last day was mostly like.

I had excellent company on this trip and was able to take in the environment surrounding us, while still feeling a part of the group - Katie and her friends for most of the weekend, and then some older hikers on the other days, who taught me the basic rules for snooker as we watched the championship on BBC.

Occasionally a cloud rolls overhead, but it can't come close to covering the miles of land you can see from above the "mountains" (which I'm told are nothing compared to Scotland). But it's not long light breaks through enough to see the shadows from stones that brick the wall of the humble Peveril castle.

It's a shame the train costs so much to get here (about 50... $60USD) from London if you just show up and don't know what you're doing. Maybe that's what keeps it being completely mobbed.

For some strange reason, I feel I'll be back here, although not for a relatively long time.

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