Cambridge, England

December 23, 2000 & January 3, 2001

More compact and slightly more colorful than Oxford, Cambridge is England's other most famous university town spawning out notable names through out the centuries and Nobel prize winners by the dozens (90 to be exact). Street facades indite one into the college gardens, pathed with walkways, spotted with ponds or severed by a canal with friendly walking bridges. Classic wooden desks with quill holders and chairs float in the green open areas as if placed there for a Pink Floyd album cover photo shoot. And why not study outside this way? It was outside the classroom here where Newton pondered the falling apple and the young Darwin, apparently showing little academic promise, hunted and explored stimulating his future thoughts on evolution.

I have come here (and Ely & Horstead) two times in the past two weeks. The first time was on my way for Christmas with Family in Horstead (and two of my housemates, Yoon & YChen came along). We passed through on December 23rd as the street corners were occupied by practicing carolers, somewhat of a strong tradition for Christmas Eve here. When we later arrived in Norwich, all the televisions lit up with the carolers and churches of Cambridge for the evening.

The second pass through here was with my brother Chris, a fine scholar in the medical engineering field, yet with too much style to be labeled as scholarly. The streets are still bustling about in January, but the singing as stopped. The carols and Christmas decorations are being put back in the box until next year.

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