Brussels (Bruxelles/Brussel), Belgium

June 3 & 7, 2000

Brussels has a majestic town center similar to the one in the Belgian town I saw two years ago. It's easy for me to admit that it was views like this and relaxing in a cafe surrounded by the gentle clank clanks of tea cups in the open air that tripped me causing me to fall in love with what I call Euro Europe two years ago.

This city is the capital of Belgium. It's also the capital of Flanders (Northern Belgium) and has the new European Parliament, which is an impressive building that makes it easy to back the claims that the EC is not short on cash. This city has become the center of the new (Euro) European economy.

What's noticeable about the layout of the town in general is there are no "upscale" areas or "slum" areas. Grand buildings stand right next to abandoned ones, many appearing to be gems in excellent locations. It's a distant thought, but a plausible idea to invest in fixing up one of these places and open a B&B. Perhaps with a sidewalk cafe with tea cups that clatter into the night.

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