Breda, The Netherlands (Nederland)

February 21-22, 2001

At first this place seems a step below Gouda, but once closer to the center (just follow the church tower) Breda's charms are revealed.

Or so I thought. True these streets have an ambiance, but a majority of them are line with chain stores catering to Euro-yuppies.

Between the train station and old part of town lies the quite active military academy. Each time I walked past a clean green truck would crawl down the street as if to start a parade... or intimidate a pedestrian.

The incoming drizzle brought me inside sipping tea in a small café and afterwards to the cinema. It's different here! They eat black licorice in all different shapes as much as any other candy and stop the film halfway for an intermission! This intermission is a clear example of Dutch style, spreading things out to make them last.

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