June 8, 2000

Bouvignes is the nearby neighbor and former rival city of Dinot. Expecting a little adventure, I walked across the river loch dam from Dinot and climbed up a slate mine to get my orientation and head towards the ruins peering out from the trees.

Eventually I came across a footpath that led me past someone's house who they greeted me with a warm look and a wave. These sort of paths seem common in Europe, or at least in England where I've been guided through private farms and then onto the hills.

It would have been much easier to use the road to get this far, but much less fun. There was a trail up the next hill and I figured I could find a short cut. In distance, perhaps I had, but not in any other way. I grumped from out of a bush on a steep incline back onto the trail. There was a hiker eating his lunch there. He didn't speak English. I signed to him that it was hot walking up the hill today. He signaled back, it's even hotter at the top.

It was fine at the top though and the best ruins I've found so far were there to wander about. I could easily look back to the citadel of Dinot as I took in every wall and room of this once inhabited structure.

A perfect chance for imagination of what it was like year hundreds of years ago and a picnic lunch.

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