Bolzano, Italy

Bolzano, Italy September 3, 2000, but only for a short while

While making my way North, I stopped in Bolzano, Italy to kill an hour on the main street and keep things open to spend the day and a night here. They spoke German, the prices where high, there was no place to stay in sight, but the Dolomites and cool farm fields usher in a crisp new feeling. This is Germany coated with Italian spices… it's nearly as Austria as Austria (in fact it once was a part of Austria). With no obvious places to drop pack, I decided to move out of this stop with an identity crisis and continue in the real Austria.

Once the next train stop North, I remember why I stopped in Bolzano… the Ice Man is there! His pre-historic body is on display in an archaeology museum. Another tick for the list of places in Italy to return for.

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